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What Is It?

The individual journey reflection (IJR)  is based on adult learning and education tools. The intention is to have you reflect on your personal learning objective(s) as part of the process of accomplishing it/them.

While the Design Brief helps you to reflect on the overall team work and objectives of your complex question, the IJR helps you focus on the internal learning that you intend to cultivate throughout this learning journey. Participants are encouraged to revisit their IJR document on a regular basis to ensure alignment with their set goals.


How Is It Used

Identify 2-4 individual learning objectives that you will focus on throughout the learning journey. Consider the learning edges and stretches that this learning journey might enable you to explore. Other things to consider during your reflection is what learning objectives you would like to accomplish, who can you collaborate with, what is your positionality, what is your time commitment, and how will you stay accountable to your learning. 


To help you reflect on this, you can draw on a set of practices that we hope to cultivate through this experience.


by the end of this journey, I want to be able to build authentic relationships with x stakeholders...

Keep In Mind

This is about stepping back and understanding your own positionality within systems; reflecting for deeper understanding and awareness of your own and others’ power, privileges, experiences, assumptions, and values. Understanding stakeholders and their relationship to the problem can help to develop a plan of engagement.

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