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What Is It?

Two Loops is a framework that describes a model of organisational and systems change.


More specifically, it frames an ongoing evolutionary process of living and dying that organisations and systems are dancing in, often simultaneously. It is cyclical and evolutionary, rather than linear or hierarchical, offering different ways to interpret and make sense of organisational change models, frameworks and strategies, as well as systems transformation possibilities.

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Two Loops Model_Two Loops Model.png
Adapted from the Berkana Institute 

How Is It Used?

This model is useful to help understand where an organisation or system may be in its current evolution as well as to identify potential places to intervene. This framework can be used to help with paying attention to the aspects of both living and dying in complex systems and organizations, and expand our strategic view. It can help to create dialogue about the different points of view that people hold about where an organisation or system is in the Two Loops, and whether or not that is a generative and appropriate place to be given change or transformation objectives that are held. Is loving hospice of a dying system most needed? Perhaps connecting the elements of a burgeoning new or resurgent system is a possibility. Where are we investing the most energy, resources and attention, and is this the right choice given our objectives? What needs to die in order for something else to be born?

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